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New Brand Creation—A Few Rodeos

We deeply love the art and science of creating new brands, and evolving existing ones. We’d ply the trade for sport if it weren’t our job. Robert Frost captured such a convergence beautifully: “My object in living is to unite my avocation and vocation, as my two eyes make one in sight.” Cheers, Mr. Frost.

Below are a few of the brands that we conceived and birthed from scratch over the years, as lead, or at least in a meaningful supporting role. In a few instances, we remain involved significantly as stewards and/or catalysts to this day. We also do quite a bit of brand revitalization work; out of respect to the owners, we’ll keep those cases out of the public eye (ask us and we may be able to selectively talk about a few).

Learning & Development

Organizations of all kinds often ask us to help their people learn how to be more innovative on their own. We love Learning & Development opportunities because, well, we love humans. Our L&D work is driven entirely by mission: we aim to leverage what we have learned as doers and thinkers out in the arena to help others be the best that they can be. From keynote addresses, to custom content, to workshops of all kinds—inspiration and tools alike— we help those who are growth-minded learn how to be entrepreneurial, more design-driven, more creative, and ultimately more productive. Behaviors that lead to breakthrough growth are not the exclusive provenance of the cool kids on the outside; they can be learned! And we have the playbook (okay, at least a playbook). There is greatness to be unlocked inside of all.

Let’s go.

Executive Advisory

We love working with mavericks who are senior to their organizations, and know that creativity is the ultimate difference-maker. This work ranges from broad hey, tell me what you think of (insert key matter here), to more in-depth engagements ranging from rapid concept ideation, to naming and nomenclature solutions, to design studies, to new product concepting, to basically… you-name-it. The juicer the challenge, the better. We are extremely experienced practitioners who have practically seen it all, and are comfortable solving problems arm-in-arm with those with a lot on the line. As importantly, our work is always discrete… including the very existence of it. You won’t see your stuff popping up on Instagram or in random award submissions.

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